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We are a locally owned and operated air conditioning installation company with many years servicing the Illawarra region. When it comes to installing an air conditioner, we understand that there are many factors involved: design, installation and maintenance issues, cost, etc. Therefore, at PlanetAir, we are more than just an installer. We want to become a trusted partner for our customers—we will carefully examine your location, discuss with you about your needs and budget, in order to make sure that we will come up with a personally tailored solution that suits you the most.

We have dealt with different air conditioning projects—from easy aircon installation for small rooms to tricker residential projects. No project can trip us up—we can install all makes and models. We understand how unbearable the summer heat can be when the aircon stops working, so we offer a 24hr breakdown service.

repairing and servicing an air conditioner

Looking for Air Conditioning specialists?

Our air conditioning specialists are all experienced, qualified, and highly trained. What makes us the number one air conditioning service in the Illawarra is that we always do a great job of cleaning-up once we’re done. After our installation, we will give you advice and consultation on how to operate the system to get the best results from your heating or cooling system. Of course, we are always willing to follow up with you if you have any further questions.

What we do

Our featured services

Our room air conditioning services include installing and maintaining air conditioning split systems and ducted systems. We offer competitive air conditioning prices—contact us to get your free quotes on all installations. We guarantee that there will be no hidden costs or surprise charges, and our products are 100% high quality from leading aircon manufacturers.

Air Conditioning for House and Office

Split Air Conditioner Installation

Split Systems are perfect to heat or cool single rooms and small spaces so that you can easily control the temperature of individual rooms.

Ducted air conditioner

Ducted Air Conditioner Installation

Ducted systems allow you to easily control the temperature throughout your home or large areas with just a simple one touch controller.

Air Conditioning Installer

Maintenance & Repair

Our fast and full maintenance and repair services ensure you will not have to suffer from summer heat for too long in case your conditioner is not running properly.