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Air conditioners are a common household appliance, but they can be unpleasant when running noisily at night. If you hear loud, buzzing noises from an AC, the unit may be malfunctioning. It could be due to loose parts, refrigerant leaks or a damaged compressor.

If you want to get some uninterrupted sleep in your home, take measures to stop the noise of your air conditioner. Hire a professional company to repair the issues or install soundproofing. But what if the noise is coming from your neighbour’s air conditioner?

Talk to Your Neighbour About Noisy Air Condition

In this day and age, most people live in apartment blocks. A lot of these buildings have air conditioning units on their balconies, which can be noisy.

The first thing you should do is to talk to your neighbour. Tell them how the noise coming from their AC has become disruptive at night. Offer a way to work around the problem.

If you live in a strata community, decisions about noise are usually taken by the body corporate management, which is made up of representatives from each owner’s strata lot. The strata community is made up of a group of owners who own the building or land. The owners are responsible for decisions about how the building or land is used and what happens within it.

If you need some help approaching your neighbour, we’ve got some tips. Here’s how to speak to your neighbour about the issue without getting into an uncomfortable conversation.

Talk to your neighbour about:

  • The noises you hear from their air conditioner. Perhaps, they’re not aware that their AC has become a nuisance or too loud. Talk about the issue amicably.
  • How long they’ve been noticing the noise. If the neighbour is aware of the noise, ask them how long they’ve been hearing it and share your experience about it, too.
  • Anything else they’ve noticed about their AC. See if your neighbour notices any other signs of AC repair issues. That way, it’ll be easier for you to advise them about addressing the root cause of their noisy AC.
  • Ways that neighbours can try to reduce their noise. Once your neighbour has realised the gravity of the issue, it’s time to offer helpful ways to resolve the problem.

How to Reduce Noise from an Outside Air Conditioner?

Noise from outdoor air conditioning units might seem like a minor problem, but it can affect the quality of life. Here are some easy steps you can share with your neighbour to address the issue:

Step 1: Install or move the outdoor AC unit near an area that faces away from the street, such as a garage or patio.

Step 2: Set the unit to the oscillation mode. This means that all fans turn on and off in a rhythmic pattern.

Step 3: Place a fan or air purifier near the unit to create a wind tunnel effect and white noise when the outside noise is too loud.

Another solution is having an outdoor unit with dual coil cooling that helps increase its efficiency. That way, the AC won’t produce unnecessary noise as it works harder than it should. More importantly, the air conditioner’s overall condition needs to be checked, too.

Consider Mediation If the Initial Talks Didn’t Work

The repeated buzzing sound of an air conditioner next door can cause people to feel frustrated and angry, and they may want to take legal action against their neighbours. If you feel the same way, and the initial talks with your neighbour didn’t pan out, consider mediation. It has been found that mediation can be more effective than court proceedings.

Mediation allows two or more parties to reach an agreement without taking any adverse legal action against each other. It’s a viable option in situations where there is no apparent room for negotiation or resolution among neighbours without the help of another party. The mere presence of a mediator can minimise any unnecessary tension and conflict.

Contact a Local Real Estate Law Firm

If your neighbour’s AC keeps making excessive noise even after asking them to do something about it, you may bring the issue to the authorities and local court. It’s best to get help from a real estate lawyer. That way, you’ll be guided when determining the valid grounds for noise complaints and protecting your legal rights over neighbour disputes. For more news and insights related to air conditioning systems, feel free to visit our blog.

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